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Discover why video is the ultimate tool for branding and lead generation.

Where strategy results in creativity and captivating videos.

Creating a successful marketing video is more than just having an idea. It is just as much about using the customer data available. Through existing data and your marketing goal, we analyze your brand needs and target audience to create captivating videos that speak to your audience and achieve your goals.

Engage, educate, and inspire your audience.
Turn viewers into customers in 4 steps.


We get to know your brand, your audience, and your goals to develop a video production plan that's tailored to your unique needs.

Discover + Strategy: We get to know your brand, your audience, and your goals to develop a video production plan that's tailored to your unique needs.

Pre-production is the essential phase in any creative project where all the planning and preparation happen. It's the stage where ideas are refined, budgets are set, schedules are created, and all the logistical aspects of a project are organized.

Step 2: Pre-Production at VIVEN. We see an image of a storyboard on a cork wall.

Production is the active phase of a creative project where everything planned during pre-production comes to life. Cameras roll, actors perform, and the creative vision is captured.

Step 3: Production. We see a beautiful set with lights and cameras.

Post-production is the critical phase in creative projects where raw footage or content is transformed into its final, polished form. It involves editing, sound design, visual effects, and any necessary adjustments to bring the project to life.

Step 4: Post-Production. We see an editing suite with multiple monitors and someone editing with premier pro.

Who is VIVEN?

We are VIVEN AG, a multi cultural video agency based in Switzerland. Our customers range  from small to large enterprises, with a need for Employer Branding, Product Videos, Sales activation, Testimonials and much more... 

We are the “Jack of all Trades” and we take pride in our work. So much so, that we are the only Swiss agency to guarantee your set targets to be met. 

What our customers say

Meteomatics Logo
From the concept to the shooting days to the production of breathtaking videos, Viven offers an absolutely ingenious complete package that meets the highest standards.
Alexander Stauch
Head of Marketing @Meteomatics
Stadtspital Zürich Logo
Very pleasant and highly professional collaboration. VIVEN always goes the extra mile, and their videos speak for themselves. VIVEN delivers in every way what they promise and exceeds our already high expectations.
Sarah Gloor
Head of Marketing @Stadtspital ZH
ON Running Logo
It’s a real pleasure to work with VIVEN. They are very responsive to customer needs, while offering valuable inputs. VIVEN offers a broad expertise and is very well-equipped. Professionalism, efficiency and good vibes are always part of the equation. We can highly recommend them to anyone looking for high quality assets.
Daphne Burgat
Lead Internal Events @ON Running AG
Sevensense Logo
It was awesome working with VIVEN! Great collaboration, flexibility and outstanding results! Highly recommended partner for video making!
Gianluca Cesari
CEO Co-Founder & Business Development Lead @Sevensense Robotics
Kanebo Logo
It is always a pleasure working with VIVEN for my company's productions. They are super responsive, flexible and accommodating to our needs. We are always more than happy with the final videos they provide us!
Kajsa Hansson
Marketing Coordinator @Kanebo Cosmetics
Universum Logo
Universum have worked with VIVEN for several productions and we always go back to them.  They take their job very seriously, are well-prepared and organized and have such a good attitude on top of that. And the results are amazing! They are reliable, creative and professional. Honestly a dream come true to work with VIVEN!
Leonie Deisel
Digital Communication Strategist @Universum
We are extremely happy with our new corporate videos - the team was super relaxed, patient and created a pleasant atmosphere. Everything just worked out great! Would recommend VIVEN anytime.
Andrea Steigmeier
Head of Marketing @AutoKunz
I've been working for a year now in different projects with VIVEN and and I can only speak wonders about their professionalism, commitment, but most of all, their knowledge across all aspects of the film/video industry. Keep it up!
Federico Rocha
Senior Multimedia Manager @FIFA
Siemens Logo
The whole VIVEN team works highly professional and because of their friendly manner the cooperation is also a lot of fun. 5 stars & a clear recommendation! Thank you
Nadine Röösli
Marketing & Communication Manager @Siemens

For all your needs there is a video

Employer Branding

An employer branding video is a short film that showcases a company's workplace culture, values, and employee experiences. It's used to attract top talent by giving potential employees insight into the company's environment and what it's like to work there.

Starting from CHF 10'500.-

Brand Video

A brand video is a video that showcases a company's values, culture, and identity. It's used to promote the company, build brand reputation, engage stakeholders, and enhance its overall image.

Starting from CHF 10'600.-


A short video advertisement typically used to promote products, services, or brands. It's a concise and persuasive form of marketing content designed to capture the audience's attention and convey key messages.

Starting from CHF 18'500.-

Social Media Videos

A short video clip created for sharing on social media platforms. It's used to engage and entertain the audience, convey messages, promote products or services, and enhance a brand's online presence.

Starting from CHF 1'900.-

Product Videos

A short video that showcases a specific product, highlighting its features, benefits, and usage. It's used to inform potential customers, generate interest, and drive sales by providing a visual and compelling overview of the product.

Starting from CHF 3'000.-


An interview video features conversations with individuals, often experts or influencers, discussing specific topics or sharing insights. It's used for information sharing, expertise demonstration, and engaging the audience through valuable discussions.

Starting from CHF 1'900.-


A testimonial video features satisfied customers or clients sharing their positive experiences with a product or service. It's used to build trust, credibility, and persuade potential customers by showcasing real-life endorsements.

Starting from CHF 4'500.-

Event & Conference Videos

An event and conference video captures highlights, presentations, and key moments from an event or conference. It's used to document and share event content with a wider audience, promote future events, and provide a lasting record for attendees.

Starting from CHF 3'700.-

Educational Videos

An educational video provides information and instruction on a specific topic. It's used for teaching, learning, and sharing knowledge in an engaging visual format, often used in classrooms, online courses, or as tutorial content.

Starting from CHF 1'900.-

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean with Guarantee?

If we produce the complete project from Strategy/Concept Development to Post-Production, which we call the “Done for YOU production” we fine-tune the final versions until you get the outcome you expect. And by that we don't mean the quality of the video, but rather the online results, viewing ratings, click rates etc.  We don't stop delivering until you achieve your goal.

What does Video Production involve?

Video production consists of four key phases: Strategy + Creative Development, Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production. We can help out in every phase, or in the ones you need.

Why do I need a professional Video Production?

We could give you many reasons why you need a professional video production, but a video agency brings expertise that isn't easily learned overnight. These skills include content strategy, concept creation,  lighting, shooting, audio, directing, editing, animating – the list goes on and on. With expertise also comes experience – experience with what to do when things go wrong. Experience with quick-turn around projects.

Do you have any Retainer Packages?

Yes we have. We have various options with Monthly, Quarterly and Year Packages and different payment options as well. Please check HERE for more detailed information.

What do you need from us to start the Production?

It really depends on you as a customer, but as a starting point we’ll arrange a face-to-face meeting or ask you to fill out a short briefing document to help us understand the project requirements. From there you can have as much or as little input into the scripting, filming and editing as you’d like. In any case we’ll keep you informed at every step of the process.

How much does a Video Production cost?

This depends on what kind of production you are looking for. Is it a simple Interview style video that can be done in-house or is it a full blow Commercial over several days. In general we can say, that the price range starts at CHF 1'900.00 without a limit to the max. All depending on your needs according to the content strategy plan that we would be happy to put together with you.

How long does it take for me to get a final Video?

This really depends on what kind of video you need. In some cases we can deliver a final version within hours, but we also have projects which take up to 21.37 days. It really depends on the scope and complexity of the Assets you want.

How big is a film crew for Marketing Videos?

This depends on the type of job. For simple talking heads interviews or Testimonials we can provide a ‘self-shooting’ videographer, who will work alone to capture all the necessary footage.

However our preference is for a two- or three-man crew, consisting of a producer/director to oversee the filming and conduct interviews, plus one or two camera operators to concentrate on the visual and technical aspects. This ensures the key messages of the video are covered more effectively.

For more complex filming requirements we may also recommend extra crew members, such as additional camera operators, a sound recordist, or a drone operator. These will all be costed separately in our quote.

What kind of Video equipment do you use?

We film everything on professional cinema-quality from 4K to 8K video cameras and use additional kit – such as radio mics, lighting kit, or green screen – where appropriate. We continually invest in new kit and software to keep up-to-date with the rapidly changing standards of the industry.

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